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Taiwan Trade manufacturingWe offer American Business a fully integrated service for meeting all custom manufacturing requirements from Taiwan with speed, efficiency and reliability. As we are completing our third decade of service we pride ourselves in having helped hundreds of entrepreneurs from coast to coast in establishing new businesses, or improving the profitability of existing ones. Taiwan Trade will oversee the manufacturing of your product from design to shipment. We take the risks and worries off offshore manufacturing to ensure that using our service is a profitable and satisfying experience for you. Submit to us your designs, blueprint, drawings or samples in the strictest confidence and the safety of a professional organisation.

Florence S. McKeller, Vice-President

Taiwan Trade’s fully integrated Custom Manufacturing Service Includes:

Bullet Selecting the best Taiwan manufacturing facility – specifically for your project. With facilities both in Taiwan and China we give you the best of two worlds.
Bullet Determination of all options, including design, materials and packaging, to make the best possible product for you
Bullet Preparation of CF (including cost and freight) price quotations based on production volume
Bullet Making prototypes or samples prior to production
Bullet Setting up the packaging and assembly of your product, if necessary
Bullet Setting up quality control of production and shipment with our Taipei staff
Bullet Arrangement of local transportation and documentation in Taiwan
Bullet Coordination of shipping from Taiwan to North America or destinations Worldwide

We take the risks off offshore manufacturing…

Taiwan Trade has experience in manufacturing or assembling a variety of consumer and industrial products in whole or in part, and has distributed the following publications in North America:

Taiwan Plastic Products, Taiwan Electronic Products, Taiwan Industrial Products, Taiwan Bicycles and Bicycle Parts, Taiwan Novelties and Giftware, Taiwan Household Appliances, Taiwan Computer Hardware and Accessories, Taiwan Manufacturing Directory

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