Taiwan manufacturing or manufacturing in China?

It’ s true that many low-cost goods are nowadays made or assembled in China where labor costs are lower, but most of those goods are produced at facilites set up and owned by large U.S., Japanese, or European corporations that have their own trained staff and quality control processes. For all intents and purposes China is where Taiwan was about 50 years ago. Dealing with Chinese companies from a distance can be a risky adventure, especially since thousands of individuals or fly-by-night operations claim to be manufacturers. If your product or parts of it have high labor content or a big gap in labor costs and it’s within China’s capability, Taiwan Trade will have it produced or assembled in China to keep the cost competitive.

Do I have to have my product manufactured offshore?

No, you don’t have to, especially if your product is already mass produced in the United States and generally available, such as bottles, packaging products, plastic or metal caps, machined parts, etc. However, if the instrumentation or molds are owned by another company you may be required to pay for your own setup even if you just want a small sample order. What makes production costs prohibitive in the U.S. in most cases is the labor content and not enough volume to justify the setup. If your product requires assembly, the chances are you won’t be able to have it produced domestically at a competitive price. Our Taiwan manufacturing service is the best alternative to having your own manufacturing plant overseas.

What about shipping, payment and customs clearance?

To take the guesswork out of your actual product cost, we quote product prices to include shipping cost to destination city. To keep shipping costs down we ship most orders by containerised ocean freight where they are unloaded most probably at the Port of Los Angeles or Long Beach, California, and then transshipped by rail or truck to the destination city. If you’re away from major shipment centers but want it delivered to your door, there may be nominal trucking and handling charges. You have to appoint a customs broker to clear the shipment through customs, for which they charge nominal fees based on value. Prototypes, samples and sample orders may be shipped by air parcel or air freight to save time. Depending on the amount involved, you may pay for the shipment by cashier’s cheque, bank draft, bank transfer or irrevocable documentary letter of credit. Letters of credit involve bank charges for all parties concerned.