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With 27 years of experience serving businesses of all sizes, entrepreneurs, and inventors, we offer you the best option for custom manufacturing your product or design for the U.S. market. The best option, that is, next to establishing your own manufacturing plant in Asia. Called one of the four tigers of Asia, Taiwan has been one of the biggest suppliers of low-cost consumer and industrial goods to the United States for nearly half a century. Combining Taiwan’s technological expertise, experience with the U.S. market, and China’s low labor rates if and when necessary, we offer you the best of the two worlds for custom manufacturing your existing product or new idea.

E.M. Mayer, Vice-President Operations

 Custom Manufacturing In Taiwan

You may simply need custom plastic or metal parts manufacturing that is already mass-produced in the United States such as bottles and caps, in which case it may not be necessary to seek an offshore source. Custom manufacturing a complete product from scratch, however, may involve production and assembly of parts made of different materials such as plastics, metal, wood and fabrics and may be a complex process that requires instrumentation at different plants to achieve the target quality and price. It requires a constant feedback between you and production facilities and an actual low-cost prototype so you can see what you will order and receive for your marketing project. The process therefore does not lend itself to online quotes and virtual guesswork. Placing an order based on computerised conceptualisation, as offered by some Internet web sites, may unnecessarily risk your hard-earned money. We simplify the custom manufacturing process for you by combining the various steps under the same roof but we never skip any of the vital steps required to deliver a marketable product to you as YOU want it.

We bridge the cultural gap

One of the risks of overseas custom manufacturing has been the cultural differences between the United States and countries such as Taiwan and China. While languages can be translated by software, cultural differences between the two countries can only be learned by direct experience. What’s an acceptable quality overseas may be an unsaleable product in the U.S. An American buyer and Chinese supplier may be talking about two different things even when they believe that they have reached an understanding through an interpreter or translated emails. It may be too late when a buyer discovers after receiving delivery that the supplier had no idea what he was talking about. This is why custom manufacturing in Taiwan and China have for long been a privilege of big businesses that could afford to establish offices, production and quality control facilities overseas. Eliminate these risks by choosing Taiwan Trade as your offshore manufacturer.


While computer-generated images may be helpful in the design of a product they cannot be substituted for an actual tangible prototype before you place an order. What sets our service apart is our ability to produce low-cost prototypes and set up low-cost instrumentation and product assembly. Instrumentation and prototype costs are exorbitant in the United States and often result in the demise of a project before it has even started. If your product is new, you will probably want to test-market it first before committing to a high volume of production and risking your capital. We minimise your risks with our prototype service, low instrumentation costs, and reasonable minimum order requirements.

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Time is money

In today’s fast-moving markets and trends you don’t have any time to lose if you want to lower production costs for an existing product or test-market that brilliant idea that you know will take off. We have pioneered the low-cost prototype that enabled hundreds of entrepreneurs and inventors test-market their ideas in an actual sales environment. Perhaps you have come across a novelty that twenty years ago took off with a bang and the market may be ready for it again with all the social media and new marketing tools at your disposal. Maybe it’s that unique idea that’s been nagging at you. The chances are, somebody else may have the same idea and you don’t have a moment to lose. We want to be partners in your success.

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